Granny Angel Butterfly: Butterflies are Forever with Eboni Joi Creighton

I had so much fun illustrating this book for Eboni, I can hardly refer to it as work!

Butterfly Brunch

Granny Angel Butterfly: Butterflies are Forever is a colorful and joyful story of love that honors the spirit of a grandmother who will always love and support her grandchildren, even from heaven. “Granny waited forever for you to arrive, so be certain that she’s watching over you from heaven.” Her loving spirit follows her grandchildren everywhere they go—baseball, dance, school, and on holidays too. Granny Angel Butterfly will love her grandchildren forever, for which the author suggests a new term of endearment—lumbi.

“Granny’s words are in Mommy’s mouth.” Remember your own Granny Angel by personalizing your book. You can write up to ten of your own Granny Angel’s sayings in the blank cloud bubbles in the book.

Appropriate for all ages. It may be of particular interest to millennials who are raising children while caring for their parents or families of young children who have lost a grandmother.





ABC, A Better Me! With Maureen King

A few years ago I had the pleasure to work with Maureen King illustrating a children's book she wrote. Check out her website! She is so kind, positive and smart!

Can children learn to change their thoughts? Absolutely! Positive thoughts create chemicals in the brain that the entire bodyresponds to. This allows for happiness, health, and better decision making. Every child deserves the gift of the Super Power taught in I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much!



Shelby Shoes

Shelby Shoes for sale at Target & Barnes & Noble.

I recently had the pleasure to work with Sue Ellen Miner in illustrating Shelby Shoes!

Shelby Shoes is the sweetest Golden Retriever with a very silly name. Meet Shelby Shoes and five of her doggie friends whose names might be just as silly, a little bit sillier, or maybe even the silliest. Children and adults alike will smile all the way through this charmingly clever and cheerfully creative book.

We will be working on another book this fall! I cannot wait :)